Friday, February 25, 2011

My Raider~My Coyote~My Wildcat...My family

As a season 2010-11 ends A new football season begins. 2011-2012

Welcome all coming Raider Seniors and all who enter the Varsity Raider team as well as Raider moving on to a sophmore or JV and new ones as Freshmans.

I can already feel the excitement within me and the feeling it amongst all the players.

Before I know it My son #12 willl be done with high school and moving onto college. But as one moves out of Raider territory another one moves in as a 9th grader. How exciting is that???Really exciting even more to know that my lil girl will be moving on at that time to Wiley 6th grade too. ugh...

But for now I focus on now and the plans that these Raider are making.

So much on the making...

Still learning how to blog and use all of this to my best. I give huge thumbs up to LadyMann how knows how to customize her blog so nicely!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

WOW 2010 Is here.

Mike 11th grade, is at Rouse Varsity @ a new Receiver this year.
Jacob in 7th, at Wiley Middle starting football school
And Ceslie in 4th just soaking eveything up. Loving my kids and loving EVERY minute of it.

Always looking for the good in all and still...following Christ.
As for Mike & I. Well one is 41 and the other 39 haha and I a NOT 41 yet.
This picture below is of Michael and his girlfriend Madison Allen and ceslie.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

About Raider game vs Rockdale Sept18,09

It's Thursday!!!! Freshman Raiders play Rockdale JV today....I wish I could be there to support them. I wish them all A WIN.

Very nervous I will admit. Tomorrow RAIDER JV play Rockdale Varsity.

I will see my son (#12 Michael Botello) off to Rouse HS at 6:15 AM and will not get to talk to him until after the game. ;o( BUT the Spirtit of God will be with him all day long. I pray for Gods strength-Gods Speed-Gods hands and Gods Holy Sprit to be with my son through out the game.

I am totally excited not sure how I will feel once I to the game as we(Rouse) will have its 1st time on Friday nights game. 2 schools with marching band, cheerleaders, Our Royals and even a bus load of Raider School Fans along with ofcourse all the family & friend fans. I look forward to the turn out of it all.


On anther note....I cut my hair pretty least I think so. I have never had it this short. Everyone who knows me very well will tell ya that this is short for me. I LOVE IT! I should of done it when summer 1st started. ugh what was i thinking. This summer was HOT.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Okay...Brandi. lol I finally got into my area here. Seriously, I will try to learn this blogger to its fullest. LOVE LOVE your blogs. I cry a bit, you make me smile, I laugh, nod my head and you make me think of High school football alot.
I was so hot Tues at 7 on 7. omg it was HOT. But I had a good time ...minus the football at ceslies face. ;o(

Friday, September 26, 2008

Being A Raider

 I can not begin to express how "Being A Raider" has become a way or part of life for 
me. Of course a lot has to do with my son, #12, going to Rouse. A new beginning for our family in a NEW school. I have taken up this enormous sense of Raider Pride that one gets when maybe you were in your own HS football or for myself, In Marching Band as a HS student. My younger son even bought, for himself, a gold dog chain that the school was selling. It has Rouse Raider on it and the year these Freshman will graduate "2012". He said he got it because that is when expects to be coming to this school. Only my oldest will be graduating that year as well. So I bought him one too.
I love to watch the marching band even though it is smaller then usual. Next year they will have more students in it. The Royals Raiders perform their dance very well! And the cheerleaders are an awesome group of girls that lead the crowd in helping us express our support. We have Raider Rousers that support both teams when one team finishes a game and as the other runs into the field to start their game.
We have outstanding teachers and the best coaching staff ever! I look forward to all the Athletics games and competitions in the future. **GO RAIDERS**