Friday, February 25, 2011

My Raider~My Coyote~My Wildcat...My family

As a season 2010-11 ends A new football season begins. 2011-2012

Welcome all coming Raider Seniors and all who enter the Varsity Raider team as well as Raider moving on to a sophmore or JV and new ones as Freshmans.

I can already feel the excitement within me and the feeling it amongst all the players.

Before I know it My son #12 willl be done with high school and moving onto college. But as one moves out of Raider territory another one moves in as a 9th grader. How exciting is that???Really exciting even more to know that my lil girl will be moving on at that time to Wiley 6th grade too. ugh...

But for now I focus on now and the plans that these Raider are making.

So much on the making...

Still learning how to blog and use all of this to my best. I give huge thumbs up to LadyMann how knows how to customize her blog so nicely!!!

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